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La Guerre des Ombres

Élu du Sigillite Tome 37 Auteurs : Anthony Reynolds, C.Z. Dunn, Chris Wraight, Graham McNeill, James Swallow, John French, Nick Kyme, Rob Sanders

Tandis que les forces loyalistes et renégates s'affrontent sur mille champ de bataille à travers la galaxie, une guerre d'un tout autre genre se déroule dans l'ombre – une guerre de duperie tout en subtilité, ignorée de presque tous mais qui est probablement la clé de la victoire quel que soit le camp. Rogal Dorn et sa Légion s'apprêtent à défendre le Système Solaire contre les armées du Maître de Guerre Horus, pendant que Malcador le Sigillite confie à ses nombreux espions et agents des missions dans le plus grand secret. Des mains invisibles façonnent l'avenir de l'Imperium…

The Watcher — C Z Dunn

A shuttle returns to the Solar System bearing the sole survivor of a traitor attack – however, delirious and so close to death, his tale remains untold. Ison of the Knights Errant, formerly a Librarian of his Legion, delves into the mind of the warrior, and the truth of it will chill him to the core...

Child of Night — John French

In the dark hive sumps beneath Terra, Chief Librarian Fel Zharost of the Night Lords Legion is being hunted. Having abandoned his insane primarch and brothers many years ago, he doesn’t know what he’s done wrong, but he’s sure he doesn’t want to be captured. What will happen when he discovers that his Legion has fallen into heresy? And where will his loyalties lie?

Grey Angel — John French

Templar — John French

On the doorstep of Holy Terra, the shadow of treachery still lurks. Upon a comet-shrine dedicated to the glory of Unity, a group of heretic Word Bearers prepare to return to the Solar System after being abandoned by their brethren – only the forces commanded by Sigismund, First Captain of the Imperial Fists, stand between the traitors and their goal. But will the legendary Templar’s skill at arms be enough to prevail over this new enemy, or will the doubt in his heart prove ultimately to be his undoing?

The Gates of Terra — Nick Kyme

As the Heresy spreads across the galaxy and confusion reigns, only one thing is certain: Horus and his traitor Legions will eventually strike at Terra. But he will not find it unguarded — the Ardent Reef, an encircling ring of gun bastions and asteroid bases, is but one amongst many such lines of defence. Captain Arcadese of the Ultramarines finds himself in command of a host of his battle-brothers, as the renegade Warmaster's fleet launches its final assault on the Throneworld. Will he hold the line even in the face of almost certain death, or will his own loyalty waver in those final moments?

Luna Mendax — Graham McNeill

Recuperating on Luna after being plucked from the blasted wastelands of Isstvan III, Gavriel Loken receives a visit from a most unexpected soul…

Wolf Hunt — Graham McNeill

A fugitive stalks the shadows of the Petitioner’s City. Though his fellow Outcast Dead are no more, the lone wolf Severian still intends to escape from Terra by any means possible – but the enigmatic hunter Yasu Nagasena is in pursuit. As news of the massacre on Isstvan V continues to spread and Severian’s trail doubles back to the place where it all began, both he and Nagasena must face some uncomfortable truths, and an even more uncertain future.

The Purge — Anthony Reynold

The Shadow Crusade spreads across Ultramar, with the Word Bearers 34th Company falling upon the isolated world of Percepton Primus. As the fighting draws out into a programme of extermination, embittered commander Sor Talgron begins to question his part in Lorgar’s grander scheme – for one who stood beside primarchs and high lords in the grand halls of the Imperial Palace, what glory can there now be in punishing Guilliman’s upstart sons? But the price of doubt is known all too well, and if the Word Bearers are ever to return to Terra in triumph then they must purge the last remnants of such unbelief from the face of the galaxy...

Army of One — Rob Sanders

As civil war blazes across the galaxy, the hive world of Proxima Apocryphis turns traitor and Malcador the Sigillite despatches punishment in the form of a living weapon…

Distant Echoes of Old Night — Rob Sanders

Death Guard Chaplain Murnau has shot down an Imperial Fists vessel on a dismal backwater world, and the forces under his command are closing in on the wreckage. With his mission clear in his mind to leave no survivors, Murnau unleashes one of his Legion’s most deadly units – the fearsome and infamous Destroyers.

Ghosts Speak Not & Patience — James Swallow

When Nathaniel Garro carried word of the Warmaster’s treachery to Terra, he also brought with him seventy loyal sons of the XIV Legion. Distrusted by their kinsmen, they languished in seclusion on Luna... until now. Amendera Kendel, once a Sister of Silence but more recently in service to the Sigillite, gives Helig Gallor of the Death Guard a new purpose, and a new duty – one that will ultimately see him reunited with his former battle captain on the field of war.

Lost Sons — James Swallow

The Blood Angels were lured into a trap at Signus Prime by the most vile treachery imaginable, but not all of them went with Sanguinius on that fateful journey. Keeping the home fires burning on Baal, the remaining honour guard are brought news of their primarch’s death and must decide upon the final course for their Legion themselves.

The Sigillite — Chris Wraight

The galaxy is divided, but while his armies prepare for battle the Emperor himself remains curiously absent. In his place stands Malcador – legendary Sigillite, First Lord of Terra and regent to the throne – now arguably the single most powerful man in the Imperium. Army officer Khalid Hassan reports back to the Palace after a disastrous secret mission into the wastelands of Gyptus, but soon learns an awful truth about the destiny of mankind. Where do Malcador’s true loyalties lie?