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Audio Drama - Autre Xenos

Sanctus Reach : Klaw of Mork

Durée : 37min
The Red Waaagh! has fallen on Alaric Prime and the mekboys are working on Big Mek Mogrok’s cunning and brutal plan – to pull a comet from space with the massive and dangerous ‘Klaw of Mork’ and bring it down on the heads of the world’s human defenders. But when the humans fight back, Uggrim and Snikgob, two mekboys of the Red Suns tribe, see a chance to finish a conflict with an old rival and take advantage of the human attack to exact revenge... even at the cost of the Klaw of Mork.

Klaw of Mork nous plonge dans les méandres aussi chaotiques qu'inattendus des peaux vertes. Vous suivrez les péripéties d'orks hilarants, fidèles à l'univers et diablement crédibles. Tout ce dont on pourrait rêver, un incontournable pour les amateurs du genre.

Iron Devil

The last survivors of their company, the battered remnants of the Cadian 267th trek across the deadly toxic deserts of Sanzu in search of salvation. Taking shelter in a damaged Adeptus Mechanicus facility, they think they have found a place to await reinforcements – but something lurks in the darkness, something large and dangerous and determined to kill every last Imperial Guardsman. The Morkanaut awaits…