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Audio Drama - Laurie Goulding

Malcador : First Lord of the Imperium

As the Horus Heresy rages and the death toll rises, one more will be added to the numberless dead: Sibel Niasta, personal astropath to the First Lord of the Imperium, Malcador the Sigillite. As her end approaches, Malcador sits vigil by her bedside, and pair discuss their friendship and what it means – how the past and present have shaped Malcador and the Imperium, and what the future holds.

The Heart of the Pharos

Audio Drama : 38 min
Young Oberdeii and Tebecai, Scouts of the Ultramarines 199th Company, descend into the depths beneath Mount Pharos in search of a dark truth... though it may haunt them for all time.

The Heart of the Pharos semble ne rien avoir à offrir. Avec son récit finalement très convenu et dénué de force, le Mont Pharos gardera tout ses mystères, tandis que l'audience réalisera que cette courte histoire aurait pu être inclus dans le roman directement.