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Sedition's Gate

No forgiveness, no respite Auteurs : Chris Wraight, David Annandale, Guy Haley, Nick Kyme, Rob Sanders

Across the galaxy, the war for the future of humanity rests on a knife-edge. While the greatest heroes of the Imperium battle the traitor forces, in the shadows, the power of Chaos is in the ascendance. This anthology features five unique stories:

Artefacts — Nick Kyme

Aboard the Salamander’s flagship, the Primarch Vulkan entrusts his legacy to his legion in the hands of the first Forgefather.
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The Harrowing — Rob Sanders

Through stealth and deceit, the Alpha Legion have boarded an imperial vessel. Now they set out to take the ship, their ruthless and methodical strategy employed to devastating effect.
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Allegiance — Chris Wraight

Arvida of the Thousand Sons find himself welcomed as a brother by the White Scars Legion. But can this orphan of Prospero ever truly be at home amongst the savage warriors of Chogoris?
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The Laurel of Defiance — Guy Haley

On the world of Astagar, the 90th company of the Ultramarines, take on the might of a Chaos Titan.
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Sermon of Exodus — David Annandale

Journeying from across the wastes of Davin, the faithful flock to prove themselves worthy in the eyes of dark gods. A Prequel to The Damnation of Pythos.
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