Le ReclusiamCritiques des publications et Ebooks Warhammer 40 000 de la Black Library

Justin D. Hill

Storm of Damocles

With the Tau Empire at war with the Imperium in the Damocles Gulf, a Deathwatch kill-team seize their opportunity to deal with a new threat posed by the tau: the mighty Stormsurge ballistic suit.

Truth is my Weapon

In a deep, dark cell beneath an Inquisitorial fortress sits a most singular prisoner. Tasked with the interrogation of this heretic, Wodin Grime, acolyte of the great Inquisitor Neit, sets about his task with zeal and vigour. But as he speaks with the traitor, doubts begin to settle in Grime’s mind, about himself, the prisoner and, worst of all, the loyalty of his master. But can the interrogator really trust the Space Marine who calls himself Alpharius?.

Mêler le contexte de l'Inquisition avec l'Alpha légion n'est pas toujours gage de réussite, espérons que Justin D. Hill l'ait bien compris. Néanmoins cette courte nouvelle est un très bon moyen de se mettre à la VO, le vocabulaire étant très accessible.