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Nouvelles - Ahriman

Ahriman : Hounds of Wrath

The starship Fall of Ignorance, a vessel of the sorcerer Ahriman's fleet, is dead, its remains spinning in the void. Ctesias and Sanakht, servants of the Thousand Sons Exile, are sent to discover the cause of its destruction. On board they find a crew ravaged by monstrous daemonic hounds – the Blood God's hunters. Pursued and injured, can Ctesias survive the attention of the Hounds of Wrath?

Ahriman : The Dead Oracle

Ctesias, an ancient Space Marine and former prisoner of Amon of the Thousand Sons, tells the tale of one of the events that led him to his destiny. After Amon’s demise, Ctesias comes into the service of Ahriman, the exiled First Captain of the broken Legion, and is given power undreamed of – and drawn into a plot involving the otherworldly daemons of the warp, the machinations of Ahriman and the mysterious dead oracle.

Avec The Dead Oracle, John French parvient avec brio à nous offrir un interlude au prochain tome de la Saga d'Ahriman grâce à l'apparition d'un nouveau personnage dont le rôle s’avèrera essentiel pour la suite. Sans trop en dévoiler, l'auteur nous gratifie en plus d'u...