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Radio Play - Andy Smillie

The Tranzia Rebellion - Episode 10

The tau finally unearth what they have been searching for on the embattled Imperial world – much to the delight of the Doom Eagles traitor. Mekatus and Jearna come close to their goal. And back at the capital, Chapter Master Hearon awakens just in time to save his comrades…

The Tranzia Rebellion est achevé par Andy Smilie avant que la série ne souffre davantage. Le radio play a peut-être encore un bel avenir devant lui, mais définitivement pas cette histoire. Mais que peuvent bien nous réserver les trois derniers épisodes ?

The Tranzia Rebellion - Episode 7

With a high-ranking tau commander in their clutches, Doom Eagles Chaplain Eifadon and Adepta Sororitas Canoness Aleksa interrogate their prisoner in an effort to uncover the plans of the insidious aliens. But will the tau be able to manipulate the Sister of Battle’s zealous hatred of the insidious aliens to ensure it receives a quick death before giving up its secrets?

Le récit de The Tranzia Rebellion donne l'impression d'être interminable comme rien de passionnant ne se passe. Dommage car les petits gars de Heavy entertainment n'ont plus rien à prouver.