Le ReclusiamCritiques des publications et Ebooks Warhammer 40 000 de la Black Library

Joe Parrino

Shield of Baal

The Blood Angels Space Marines must defend their home world from the ravenous threat of the tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan. A tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan has reached the Cryptus shieldworlds. The Imperium musters its strength, for the aliens must be stopped here, as next in the hive fleet’s path is the home world of the Blood Angels Space Marines, Baal itself. Many are the battlefields and the price of victory is steep… On Phodia, the sons of Sanguinius give battle to the dreaded Spawn of Cryptus. At Lysios, the Adepta Sororitas and Tempestus Scions hold the line against Leviathan. Far fr...

Assassinorum : The Emperor's Judgement

On the world of Tevrat, Callidus Assassin Klara Rhasc stalks her prey, awaiting the moment to strike. But when her mark is murdered by a crazed Eversor Assassin, Rhasc embarks on a new kind of mission: to find and subdue her fellow operative. Following in his footsteps, Rhasc tries to think like the Eversor, but faces a new kind of danger – if she uses her chameleonic abilities to emulate the drug-fuelled killer, she risks losing herself and becoming like him. The hunt is on.

Assassinorum : Execution Force

Darkness is rising on Achyllus Prime. Severin Drask, sorcerer lord of the Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marines, works to harness the power of the Temple of Shades and unleash a tide of daemons upon the Imperium. All that stands against him is an Execution Force of the Officio Assassinorum, four Imperial Assassins – Vindicare, Callidus, Eversor and Culexus –who must set aside their distrust and fight as one if they are to kill Drask and thwart his evil plan.

The Shape of the Hunt

In the wake of an apocalyptic war against the alien tau, the White Scars take to their bikes and hunt the fleeing commander of the xenos forces across the plains of Voltoris. As they chase down their quarry, the Brotherhood of the Running Star begin to realise one inescapable truth: that this will be their final hunt. But if Suljuq Khan and Stormseer Checheg are to die this day, they will ensure that they take the alien Shadowsun into oblivion with them.

The Shape of the Hunt est un audio indispensable pour tous les fans du Khan. Joe Parrino nous offre une traque aux allures de chasse aux xenos des plus sauvages. Grâce à d'adroits dialogues, l'auteur use de son talent pour faire vivre les White Scars et contribue avec panache à leur ...

In Service to Shadow

The battle for Voltoris has been won, but the war for the Damocles Gulf grinds on, world after world falling to the sinister tau ideal of the Greater Good. Despatched to the planet of Sarej in the company of a secretive and untrustworthy inquisitor, Sergeant Talow of the Raven Guard fights a shadow war as he struggles to expose a traitor to the Imperium and stop the world from turning from the Emperor’s light. As the tau influence over Sarej grows, Talow and his squad find themselves cut off from support with danger looming on all sides.