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Nouvelles - Adeptus Mechanicus

Zero Day Exploit

Amidst the toxic ash wastes of Mars, the spiker-for-hire Adept Hydraq is tasked to infiltrate the mighty Basiri forge complex and steal data from its tech-priest overlord. As Hydraq and his team of spikers and infocytes pull off their daring heist, he discovers that his haul is far more dangerous than he could have imagined, and puts him in the greatest peril he has ever known.


The Adeptus Mechanicus have unearthed an ancient eldar artefact on a long-abandoned world. Sent to secure it, a kill-team of Deathwatch Space Marines find that the relic contains a deadly secret that could spell doom for the entire expedition.

Steve Parker donne réellement l’impression que les meilleurs Astartes sont nécessaires pour réussir cette mission, un contexte on ne peut plus crédible lorsque l’on parle de la Deathwatch. Exhumed est donc une vraie réussite que je vous invite à lire pour ses moments de bravoure et ses personnage...