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Recueils de nouvelles - Ben Counter


Two centuries ago, the Imperium of Man and the upstart Tau Empire fought to a standstill in the Damocles Gulf. Now, as the 41st millennium draws to a close, the tau have returned. As the world of Agrellan falls under attack, the White Scars and Raven Guard rush to its defence, but with the skilled Commander Shadowsun leading the alien forces, the Space Marines and their allies are hard pressed. Kor'sarro Khan, Huntmaster of the White Scars, swears that he will win the day in the most direct way possible – by taking Shadowsun's head.

Renegades of The Dark Millennium

Black Library Live Presents
To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Black LIbrary's seminal event, we have put together an anthology of stories by some of our most popular authors from the past five years.

Ce recueil est la très bonne surprise du Black Library Live 2014, un beau cadeau avec une majorité de nouvelles de bonne qualité.