Le ReclusiamCritiques des publications et Ebooks Warhammer 40 000 de la Black Library

Ben Counter

The Caged Wolf

The thirtieth Great Hunt is over, and all the Great Companies except one have returned to the Fang – Logan Grimnar and the Champions of Fenris are unaccounted for. As the Fang readies itself for attack by the forces of Chaos, Ulrik the Slayer takes a taskforce to the Eastern Fringe, Logan Grimnar’s last known location. Here, on a dead world in orbit around a dying star, the Space Wolves find themselves pitted against an unexpected enemy – the Tau.

Feast of Lies

After a Great Hunt, the Space Wolves return to the Fang to regale each other with tales of their glory. Only Logan Grimnar is absent. When a native tribesman speaks up in his stead and tells of how the Great Wolf has discovered the dead body of Leman Russ, there is uproar. Do they dare believe this vile rumour, what is the fate of Logan Grimnar and why has he not returned? As a quest is begun to find their missing lord, it falls to Ulrik the Slayer and Krom Dragonsgaze to discern the truth amidst the feast of lies.

The World Engine

For months, the World Engine has blazed a trail across the Vidar sector, destroying planets and devastating every fleet sent to destroy it. Now, the Astral Knights Space Marine Chapter enact a daring plan to get to the heart of the mighty edifice and bring it to an end. Crashing their battle-barge into the Wolrd Engine, they land upon its surface, seeking its heart. Confronted by sinister necrons, the fate of the Astral Knights hangs in the balance, along with the lives of untold billions.


Two centuries ago, the Imperium of Man and the upstart Tau Empire fought to a standstill in the Damocles Gulf. Now, as the 41st millennium draws to a close, the tau have returned. As the world of Agrellan falls under attack, the White Scars and Raven Guard rush to its defence, but with the skilled Commander Shadowsun leading the alien forces, the Space Marines and their allies are hard pressed. Kor'sarro Khan, Huntmaster of the White Scars, swears that he will win the day in the most direct way possible – by taking Shadowsun's head.

Arjac Rockfist : Anvil of Fenris

Take up your ale, warrior of the Space Wolves, and heed the words of the skjald as he tells the tale of one of our mightiest brothers. Hear of the humble beginnings of the one we know as the Anvil of Fenris, and how he answered the call of destiny when the Kraken invaded Asaheim itself. Hear of his heroic actions in fighting the spawn of the tyranids and saving the Fang from their depredations. Hear the story of Arjac Rockfist, and glory that such a warrior walks among us!


Retenu prisonnier pendant des années par les Iron Warriors, Le Capitaine Danarth Lysander regagne Malodrax à la tête d’une force d’assaut Imperial Fists, pour se venger de ses tortionnaires. Quel marché a-t-il conclu pour s’échapper de ce monde qui était devenu sa prison, et comment pourra-t-il cacher son terrible secret à ses frères de bataille?

Le Septième Châtiment

Darnath Lysander, capitaine de la Première Compagnie d’élite des Imperial Fists, mène ses frères de bataille à l’assaut d’un monde tombé aux mains du Chaos. Assailli par les terribles souvenirs de sa captivité aux mains des maléfiques Iron Warriors, Lysander devra se surpasser et rallier ses Space Marines à lui si veut venir à bout des hordes démoniaques avant d’être consumé – ou pire, corrompu – par les insidieuses forces du Chaos.