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Nouvelles - Flesh Tearers

A Son's Burden

The Blood Angels call for aid, and the Flesh Tearers answer, but Gabriel Seth’s warriors are already engaged in battle against traitorous cultists on the dark world of Nekkaris. As Seth and Chaplain Appollus prepare to leave for the Cryptus system, Sergeant Eschiros and his Scout squad fight behind enemy lines, unaware of the almighty sacrifice they may soon have to make.

Know Thyself

Sent to meet with Flesh Tearers Chapter Master Gabriel Seth to discuss a recent incident in which the Flesh Tearers and Space Wolves came to blows, Inquisitor Corvin Herrold boards the flagship of the Chapter, the mighty Victus. But when he discovers a shocking secret, Herrold finds himself a prisoner of Sanguinius’s most dangerous sons, and his audience with the Master of the Flesh Tearers proves more perilous than he could have ever imagined.

Court mais convainquant, Know Thyself n'a que le rôle de prélude à d'autres événements qui mettront les Flesh Tearers en danger. C'est donc une histoire supplémentaire à ajouter au tableau du Chapitre, et plus particulièrement à son instabilité.

Beneath The Flesh

The Flesh Tearers descend upon an Imperial world to retrieve gene-seed from fallen brothers. Death haunts the shadows, as does the spectre of the Chapter’s curse, the Black Rage.

Beneath the Flesh est donc une excellente petite nouvelle qui surprend par son histoire ambitieuse et ses scènes de batailles d’une rare violence. Accessible et peu chère, pourquoi s’en priver.

Torturer's Thirst

“Kill until killed. Leave none alive.” The creed of the Flesh Tearers is put to the test when Chaplain Appollus is captured by the twisted servants of the vile Chaos god Tzeentch. Tortured and forced to reveal Imperial secrets, Appollus holds tightly to the deepest mystery of his Chapter, the secret shame that beats in the heart of all sons of Sanguinius – but will the true nature of the Death Company withstand his torturer’s thirst?