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Braden Campbell

Shield of Baal

The Blood Angels Space Marines must defend their home world from the ravenous threat of the tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan. A tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan has reached the Cryptus shieldworlds. The Imperium musters its strength, for the aliens must be stopped here, as next in the hive fleet’s path is the home world of the Blood Angels Space Marines, Baal itself. Many are the battlefields and the price of victory is steep… On Phodia, the sons of Sanguinius give battle to the dreaded Spawn of Cryptus. At Lysios, the Adepta Sororitas and Tempestus Scions hold the line against Leviathan. Far fr...


Aun’shi, hero of the Tau Empire is on the hunt for the renegade Commander Farsight. Exploring the artefact world of Arthas Moloch where the traitor last fought for the Empire, Aun’shi and his party are ambushed by vicious alien eldar. Captured and taken to the nightmare realm of Commorragh, Aun’shi’s prowess in combat makes him the star of his captor’s arena shows – but when the Ethereal decides he no longer wishes to fight, everything changes…

Campbell nous plonge une fois de plus dans le Bien Suprême avec une banale efficacité.
Aun'shi est une personnage attachant que l'on découvre avec aisance. Si ce n'est pas une introduction à un futur tome, cette nouvelle m'en aura malgré tout donné l'espoir.


The Dread Archon Surasis Grief is well known as the lord of the skies in the Dark City of Commorragh, and he has completed his masterpiece – the vessel known as the Tantalus. But like all high fliers, Grief has young pretenders snapping at his heels… Challenged by the Nightspur Covenant and their leader, Ciav, Grief sets out to prove once again his superiority and command of the skies.

Une bonne petite nouvelle qui décoiffe grâce à l'omniprésence de véhicules perfectionnés et dévastateurs des Eldars Noirs. Grâce à Tantalus, Campbell parvient en peu de temps à nous dévoiler toute la sournoiserie dont peuvent faire preuve les habitants de la grande cité noire qu'est ...