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Guy Haley


Driven almost to the brink of self-destruction by the death of Ferrus Manus, the Iron Hands now seek vengeance for the many horrors of Isstvan V. Gathering survivors from the Raven Guard and the Salamanders aboard any vessels capable of warp travel, they wage a new campaign of annihilation against the traitor forces across the galaxy — a campaign masterminded by legendary warleader Shadrak Meduson.


Since he was crippled by rebel treachery on Sixty-Three Nineteen, Maloghurst ‘the Twisted’ has continued to serve Warmaster Horus as his closest aide and confidant. His loyalty has remained constant, but the XVI Legion has changed – rivalry and personal ambition run rife, and although Horus’s authority is supreme, his equerry’s is certainly not. When a daemonic plot to infest the Vengeful Spirit comes to light, Maloghurst reluctantly turns to the few allies he has left: the mysterious Davinites.

The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen

As Horus grinds the Imperium beneath his boot, emissaries from the XVIth Legion return to worlds sworn to the Warmaster during the Great Crusade to have them renew their fealty. With the Sons of Horus already at battle readiness over Sixty-Three Fourteen, a grim decision must be made.

Encore une nouvelle histoire "sympa mais sans plus" qui s'ajoute à la liste déjà longue des récits Horus Heresy dont on se passerait bien. A lire si vous en avez vraiment envie mais dans le genre il y a mieux.

The Glorious Tomb

Durée : 42min
In the skies above Armageddon, the Black Templars prepare for war, and the Ancients are awakened. Brother Adelard, interred in the Dreadnought Invictus Potens is given the honour of spearheading an assault on an ork-held facility. As he leads his brothers to war, Adelard faces the prospect of a second death in service to the God-Emperor.

Avec The Glorious Tomb, Guy Haley scelle son pacte avec les Black Templars en nous offrant un audio d'une rare intensité. La qualité sonore est un véritable plongeon qui aboutira à une émotion indéniable de l'auditoire. Praise be !

Death and Defiance

The traitor's gambit
This anthology contains five exclusive stories from across the battlefields of the Horus Heresy. Each tale ties into one of the major arcs of the series so far.

Si l'on occulte les fausses attentes données par la couverture et le manque de pertinence des nouvelles, il n'y aura malheureusement pas grand chose à retenir de ce petit recueil que nous devrions seulement considérer comme un bonus... et encore.

The Black Pilgrims

When the vessel once known as the pilgrim ship Veritas Diras emerges from the warp after three centuries lost, it falls to Black Templars Castellan Adelard and his sword brothers to board the hulk and discover the fate of its crew and passengers. What they find goes against all that they hold dear and they vow to cleanse the vessel of its monstrous taint and return it to the Emperor’s light – or die in the process.