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Novellas - Gav Thorpe

Corax : Soulforge

Victory is Vengeance
In spite of the corruption of Corax’s plans to rebuild his Legion after the Dropsite Massacre, the surviving Raven Guard remain defiant. Happening upon a stricken Word Bearers vessel far behind the front lines, they find evidence of a new alliance between the traitors and the forge world of Constanix II – with rumours of terrifying new war machines stalking battlefields across the sector, it is a threat too great to ignore. The primarch Corax must infiltrate the heart of the Mechanicum priesthood on Constanix if he is to win any allies for the war to come, though he will likely be forced to...


Freedom bought with blood
As the Horus Heresy continues, Corax and the remnants of his once mighty Legion now wage an entirely different kind of war – liberating worlds oppressed by traitor forces, they gather more and more followers, disrupting the Warmaster’s influence wherever they can. But after an unexpected reunion with a fellow survivor of Isstvan V, the Raven Guard learn of the prison colony of Carandiru and realise that they must face the ghosts of their past on Deliverance if they are to prevail.

Gav Thorpe inscrit parfaitement Ravenlord dans la saga et rend cette histoire indispensable pour la compréhension du rôle qu'a joué la Raven Guard durant l'Hérésie d'Horus.

Catechism of Hate

Among the hallowed ranks of the Adeptus Astartes, few have attained such renown as Ortan Cassius – Ultramarines Chaplain and Master of Sanctity. Hero of the first Tyrannic War, his name is legend. When the hive fleets target the world of Styxia, Cassius leads the defence, marshalling the Ultramarines against the xenos monstrosities.

Ce court roman Space Marine Battles est donc une bonne pioche et s’inclut parfaitement dans la saga, mais il aurait été intéressant de suivre l’histoire depuis différents points de vue pour éviter l’overdose d’Ultramarine, la longueur du livre en étant surement la cause.