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Nouvelles - Gav Thorpe

The Grey Raven

Balsar Kurthuri of the Raven Guard has always followed his primarch's orders. When the Edict of Nikaea forbade psykers within the Legions, he returned to the line squads without a second thought. When the Warmaster's treachery became known, he gave freely of his powers. Now, as the war appears to be entering its final, grim stages, at Lord Corax's command he must return to Terra to face judgement for the apparent crime of unswerving loyalty…


On the world of Kronus, deep within the grand realm of Ultramar, Torquill Eliphas of the Word Bearers brings his grand designs to fruition. As part of Lorgar’s Shadow Crusade, the Ark of Testimony Chapter has fought alongside their berserker allies from the World Eaters for many months. But the slaughter of Ultramarines is not their only goal – Eliphas seeks to harness the power of the warp, in the construction of the mighty Templum Daemonarchia.

On passe à côté d'une nouvelle qui avait tout pour nous intéresser, mais qui échoue lamentablement, à l'image d'Eliphas et de ses ambitions. Un personnage qui aurait eu droit à des origines plus intrigantes et moins humiliantes. Tant pis.

By the Lion's Command

Following the splitting of the Dark Angels fleet in the aftermath of Perditus, Seneschal Corswain continues to hunt down the Death Guard forces under the command of the infamous Typhon. Now, a tense standoff erupts in the heavens over the supposedly independent world of Terra Nullius, and Corswain must either bend the local population to his own cause or make an example of them to other worlds that might secede from the Imperium. In this war, there can be no innocent bystanders.

Malgré d'assez bonnes nouvelles dans l'ensemble, il sera difficile de ne pas comparer ce recueil aux autres. Moins épique et moins varié il sera difficile de le conseiller malgré ses bonnes idées.

The Value of Fear

The Raven Guard under Corax continue to gather all leaderless loyalists to their banner, determined to take the fight to Horus and his heretics. In the industrial nightmare of the underhive, the XIXth Legion receive a lesson in terror tactics from the most unlikely of allies – the Night Lords.

The Value of Fear aurait pu être beaucoup plus pertinente. Traiter côte à côte la Raven Guard et les Night Lords était une très bonne idée. Malheureusement, le récit bien que bref semble trop long et pousse indubitablement à l'ennui. Force est de constater que parfois, avoir l'idée n...

The Divine Word

Despite being prohibited by the Imperial Truth, the religious text known as the ‘Lectitio Divinitatus’ has gathered many believers from across the galaxy. Fighting alongside the Raven Guard Legion, Marcus Valerius of the Therion Cohort has long scorned those who seek to deify the Emperor, but a flash of inspiration leads him to question whether or not there are greater forces at work in the universe.

Avec cette nouvelle Gav Thorpe ne divertit même pas son monde et étouffe son récit sous des interrogations stratégiques qui auraient eu plus de sens si elles avaient été discutées avec Corax en personne. L'idée semblait bonne sur le papier, mais est clairement sous-exploitée ici.

Space Hulk

In the darkness of a derelict space hulk, the faith and fury of the Blood Angels are tested to the limit. In this companion novel to the Space Hulk game, a battle is raging between Terminators of the Blood Angels Space Marines and a macabre alien race. But their resolve and skill is pitted against something that haunts their past, because the thousands of foes they face are the same creatures that six centuries ago nearly decimated the Chapter. As a survivor of the earlier massacre, Sergeant Lorenzo has more to prove than any other. Carrying the stigma of the failure, he now fights for pers...

Qui que vous soyez, passez votre chemin, vous ne manquerez rien.

The Curse of Shaa-dom

Returning a Chaos-tainted artefact to the halls of Shaa-Dom, White Seer Elemenath and his crew of outcasts face temptation and treachery.

Une bonne histoire courte pour les personnes souhaitant lire nos amis xenos. Néanmoins le lien quasi inexistant avec la série concernée en surprendra plus d'un. La note serait probablement montée sans cette pirouette marketing.