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Toby Frost

Straken : A Hero's Death

Deployed to the jungles of Armageddon to battle the greenskins, Catachan Colonel “Iron Hand” Straken and his men are diverted from their hunt to delve into a half-abandoned hive city and rescue a high-ranking officer – but when they arrive, they find that the situation is more complicated than they imagined, and face an overwhelming force of enemies…


Plucked from a catastrophic war against the monstrous tyranids, Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken and his Catachan Jungle Fighters are sent to the cavern world of Dulma’lin to clear it of an ork infestation. Ranged against an overwhelming force of greenskins, and with the hostile attentions of Commissar Morrell upon them, the Catachans must overcome internal divisions and hold the line against the alien menace.

Straken est définitivement un bon roman qui traite bien le personnage qu'est Straken. Sans être un récit épique, Toby Frost nous offre une mission taillée au couteau pour des catachans. C'est classique sans être ennuyeux. C'est fidèle sans être élogieux. A lire pour les fans du ...

The Apex

The alien menace of the tyranids sweeps across Signis VII and only the brave men and women of the Imperial Guard stand in the way of the Great Devourer. The Catachan Second, under the command of the infamous Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken, are sent into the heart of the monstrous enemy to recover a vital asset. Surrounded by deadly aliens and rescuing someone who wants to stay where he is, Straken’s mission seems doomed to failure…

The Apex est une nouvelle qui remplit parfaitement son rôle en nous offrant en peu de temps du Catachan et du Straken bien viril ainsi qu'une superbe ambiance de jungle infestée de tyranides. Straken contre Prédator.