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Nouvelles - Eldar


When the mining installation of Valmar’s Gorge comes under attack, it seems like the end of the world for Kaivon and his fellow workers. After all, the alien raiders who now plague them have wiped so many other installations from the face of the Imperium… But then hope is renewed in the form of Onyx Squad of the Deathwatch. For Ingvar of the Space Wolves, in service to the Ordo Xenos, the mission is a chance to bring death to enemies of the Allfather. But when the situation deteriorates, Ingvar and his comrades may be forced to make a decision that will haunt them all.

En écrivant le passé dans la Deathwatch de notre héros Ingvar, Chris Wraight surprend tout autant qu'il complète son personnage d'une expérience qui le marquera probablement à tout jamais.

The Curse of Shaa-dom

Returning a Chaos-tainted artefact to the halls of Shaa-Dom, White Seer Elemenath and his crew of outcasts face temptation and treachery.

Une bonne histoire courte pour les personnes souhaitant lire nos amis xenos. Néanmoins le lien quasi inexistant avec la série concernée en surprendra plus d'un. La note serait probablement montée sans cette pirouette marketing.