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Nouvelles - Commissaire Yarrick

Yarrick : Sarcophagus

Trapped in an overturned tank after being caught in a bombing run on Armageddon, Commissar Sebastian Yarrick fights to escape and return to his forces, but as he emerges, he finds himself surrounded by greenskin foes. Can the Old Man of Armageddon survive the onslaught with power claw and Evil Eye, or will he finally fall to the servants of the Great Beast Ghazghkull Thraka?

Yarrick : The Gallows Saint

Fresh from his victory against traitors on Mistral, Commissar Yarrick deploys to Abydos to watch a great triumph in honour of the forces who liberated the world from the grip of the alien tau. But when the planet’s governor is assassinated, Yarrick is drawn into a political game with deadly consequences for himself, his Steel Legion troops and Abydos itself. Can he unravel the mystery and reveal the true traitors on the world before it is too late?

Yarrick : A Plague of Saints

Heresy in a hive city has brought Commissar Sebastian Yarrick and the 252nd Armageddon Steel Legion to the barren world of Molossus. With the inquisition at his back and a ragged force of rebels before him, Yarrick must discover the cause of the uprising and bring it to an end. Venturing into the hive’s lower levels, Yarrick and the soldiers of the Astra Militarum discover a deadly horror in the shadows.

Nouvelle agréable qui se lit très vite avec un bel hommage aux films de zombies que j'ai particulièrement apprécié. A Plague of Saints est un bel interlude entre Imperial Creed et le prochain opus. On en redemande!


A young boy struggles to survive in the ruins of an Imperial City overrun by orks. When an attempt to rescue other survivors goes awry, he quickly learns how dangerous the savage greenskins can be…

Passionnante de bout en bout, Steve Parker nous raconte sur une cinquantaine de pages comment l’enfant est devenu héros.