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Mars must be purged
Soon after word reached Terra of Horus’s nascent rebellion, Mars fell. Rogue elements within the Mechanicum priesthood, stirred by the Warmaster’s promises of independence and prosperity, turned against the Imperium and forced the primarch Rogal Dorn to order an impenetrable blockade of the Red Planet. Now it has become clear that the corruption has spread too deep, and that more drastic measures must be taken if the Forge World Principal is to be reclaimed. Calling upon the expertise of those who witnessed the so-called ‘Death of Innocence’ firsthand, Lord Dorn and Malcador the Sigillite c...

Si un technoprêtre lisait Cybernetica, il suinterait probablement de l'huile. Cet novella est sans équivoque pour tous les fans du culte de Mars mais aussi pour tous les autres qui y trouveront un récit dynamique, orienté vers l'action et saupoudré de tonnes de références au Mechanicum.

The Hunt for Magnus

It is the end of the thirty-second millennium. For two thousand years, since the fall of Prospero, the Space Wolves have hunted their greatest foe, the quarry who escaped them on that benighted world: Magnus the Red, sorcerer-primarch of the Thousand Sons. Now, Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm has the traitor primarch’s scent... Determined to finish what Leman Russ began, Ironhelm sets out to capture and kill his prey, and the Hunt for Magnus begins.

Assassinorum : Execution Force

Darkness is rising on Achyllus Prime. Severin Drask, sorcerer lord of the Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marines, works to harness the power of the Temple of Shades and unleash a tide of daemons upon the Imperium. All that stands against him is an Execution Force of the Officio Assassinorum, four Imperial Assassins – Vindicare, Callidus, Eversor and Culexus –who must set aside their distrust and fight as one if they are to kill Drask and thwart his evil plan.

Corax : Soulforge

Victory is Vengeance
In spite of the corruption of Corax’s plans to rebuild his Legion after the Dropsite Massacre, the surviving Raven Guard remain defiant. Happening upon a stricken Word Bearers vessel far behind the front lines, they find evidence of a new alliance between the traitors and the forge world of Constanix II – with rumours of terrifying new war machines stalking battlefields across the sector, it is a threat too great to ignore. The primarch Corax must infiltrate the heart of the Mechanicum priesthood on Constanix if he is to win any allies for the war to come, though he will likely be forced to...

Tallarn : Ironclad

The darkness beneath...
The battle for Tallarn rages between the traitor Iron Warriors and the Imperial Army. A carpet of armour covers the surface of the toxic planet: Dreadnoughts versus tanks versus Titans. But what secret purpose drives the Iron Warriors onwards to war?

Avec Tallarn : Ironclad vous allez en apprendre plus sur les forces s'affrontant sur Tallarn, mais l'impression que tout cela n'est qu'un apport superficiel à la saga donnera un manque de saveur à l’œuvre, comme si l’existence même de toute cette histoire n'était pas légi...

The Seventh Serpent

Cut off the head and the body dies
The crew of the Sisypheum join a covert assault on a hidden Alpha Legion outpost. Who but the legendary Iron Hands warleader Shadrak Meduson would dare to make such a bold move...?

Avec Seventh Serpent, Graham McNeill a pris les devants pour son Crimson King mais a aussi donné suffisamment au fan de l'Alpha Légion pour le faire patienter et continuer de spéculer. Ajouter à cela des personnages captivants comme Alpharius, Wayland et Sharrokyn et vous avez une histoire q...

The Eternal Crusader

Fresh from The Ghouls Stars Crusade, High Marshal Helbrecht gathers together as many of his Black Templars as he can and sets out to Armageddon, where Ghazghkhull’s second invasion is underway. Given overall command of the void warfare around the beleaguered world, Helbrecht prepares to bring the battle to the greenskins as they arrive in the Armageddon system.