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Radio Play

The Tranzia Rebellion - Episode 12

The truth of the war becomes clear, as the ruins of a crashed eldar craftworld are revealed and the true enemy comes closer to his goal of using it to enter the Black Library. Meanwhile, Mekatus and Jearna achieve their mission – at great cost – and Chapter Master Hearon closes on his new foe, intent upon stopping his evil plan.

The Tranzia Rebellion - Episode 8

With the tau forces in disarray after the loss of their commander, the Doom Eagles and their Adepta Sororitas allies strike back. While Scout Captain Mekatus and Sister Jearna seek the source of the jamming signal that prevents communication with the orbiting fleet, First Captain Kaephon takes the battle to the aliens, and the Doom Eagles traitor is unmasked…

The Tranzia Rebellion - Episode 7

With a high-ranking tau commander in their clutches, Doom Eagles Chaplain Eifadon and Adepta Sororitas Canoness Aleksa interrogate their prisoner in an effort to uncover the plans of the insidious aliens. But will the tau be able to manipulate the Sister of Battle’s zealous hatred of the insidious aliens to ensure it receives a quick death before giving up its secrets?

The Tranzia Rebellion - Episode 6

The Doom Eagles believe they have identified the traitor in their ranks… Until he returns with news of a chance to capture the enemy commander. As the Space Marines and their Adepta Sororitas allies perform an audacious aerial snatch mission on the tau leader, the real traitor continues to interfere with their efforts to save themselves and the world.