Le ReclusiamCritiques des publications et Ebooks Warhammer 40 000 de la Black Library


Torias Telion : The Eye of Vengeance

As the daemon lord M’Kar and his forces assault Ultramar itself, the warriors of the Ultramarines muster for war. As the Third Company prepare to take the battle to the enemy, a threat is revealed upon Macragge itself and only the renowned sniper Torias Telion can stop the devastation that will ensue if the foe’s plan comes to fruition.

Comme toujours, pas de note pour les eshorts mais il faut reconnaitre qu'en quelques pages Torias Talion:The Eye of Vengeance offre du fluff de Space Marine, de l'action et surtout... donne envie d'en lire plus ! Le Challenge est remporté Monsieur McNeill !

Ahriman : Hand of Dust

On Prospero, a solitary living soul walks across the shattered world. Beneath the ruined spires, Ahriman, exiled son of Magnus the Red and destroyer of his Legion, contemplates what once was, what is, and what may yet be. And amidst the dust of the long-lost paradise world, the sorcerer faces his mistakes and decides his destiny.

Ahriman : Hand of Dust est un prologue au troisième tome, Ahriman : Unchanged. Dispensable pour sûr, il donne néanmoins une idée de comment tout a commencé et comment tout va continuer. Une chose est certaine, Prospero semble avoir un certain pouvoir sur notre héros.

Gabriel Seth : The Flesh Tearer

Gabriel Seth, Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers, comes to Baal itself, intent on revenge. His prey resides in the toxic wastelands, a monster beyond imagining that butchered some of Seth’s warriors. As he forces his way into a hidden complex known to just a handful of souls, Seth prepares to face the greatest challenge of his long and blood-soaked life.

Les eshorts sont souvent frustrantes de part leur longueur et celle-ci ne déroge pas à la règle, surtout lorsqu'elles sont excellentes. L'auteur nous en offre un maximum en seulement quelques malheureuses pages. Seth VS Astorath, affaire à suivre.

Astorath The Grim : Redeemer of the Lost

Amongst the brotherhood of the sons of Sanguinius, there is one who stands apart. A figure of dread and awe, an executioner in aspect and role, Astorath exists for a singular purpose – to bring death to those of the Blood Angels and their successors whom the Black Rage has claimed. And now he goes to perform his bloody duty…

Amit, Seth, et maintenant Astorath, Andy Smillie n'en finit plus de nous dresser le portrait d'une légion maudite à travers ses personnages les plus importants. Une bonne pioche une fois de plus malgré la frustration de ne pas en avoir plus.

Helbrecht : The Crusader

Newly raised to the rank of High Marshal of the Black Templars, lord of the Eternal Crusade, Helbrecht has led his brethren into the Ghoul Stars, to wage war on worlds where reality itself is in question and the laws of physics do not apply. As they prepare for a final assault on an alien stronghold, Helbrecht lectures his warriors on the rewards that await them, the glory of battle and eternity at the Emperor’s right hand.

Bjorn : The Fell Handed

After the battle is over, as the fire burns and the blood dries, tales are told and sagas forged. And no warrior of the Space Wolves is the hero of more stories than Bjorn the Fell-Handed. On Moreal, Finnvid tells of the heroics he witnessed from the ancient Dreadnought as Bjorn battled a foe beyond understanding, but one with which he was strangely familiar…

Avec cette eshort, l'auteur nous révèle encore un instant de vie du grand Space Wolf qu'est Bjorn, une histoire de guerrier contée au coin du feu que vous saurez certainement apprécier.

Bjorn : Lone Wolf

As daemons swarm across the fields of Velbayne, bringing madness and Chaos to all that they touch, Leman Russ and the Rout stand arrayed against them. Packs fight back to back, brothers protecting one another – except for one. The Lone Wolf, the warrior without a pack, stands alone. And somewhere on the battlefield is a foe against which he will have vengeance…

Iron Priest

Olvar makes his way across the ice to take part in the trials that could lead to his ascension to join the Sky Warriors, but another of Fenris’s inhabitants is trailing him… Ragnvald of the Space Wolves wages war on mankind’s foes. As the enemy strikes, all seems lost, but something else hunts with Ragnvald… How are these disparate warriors linked, and what is their destiny?

Sans trop surprendre, l'auteur nous fera passer un bon moment avec ses Space Wolves. Une histoire classique, mais qui sentira fortement le loup néanmoins.