Le ReclusiamCritiques des publications et Ebooks Warhammer 40 000 de la Black Library

Graham McNeill

Knights of the Imperium

The swarms of Hive Fleet Hydra descend upon the world of Vondrak, and the Knights of Cadmus answer the call to war. Baron Roland of Cadmus seeks to throw off the yoke of Adeptus Mechanicus control, but the lords of the Red Planet do not easily relinquish their vassals, and they will do anything to ensure that Cadmus remains bound to Mars. With the fate of Vondrak at stake and the designs of a feared Martian adept upon them, can the Knights of the Imperium survive long enough to repel the hated xenos?

Knights of the Imperium est une histoire qui nous fait plonger avec aisance dans un nouvel univers, celui des familles nobles des Chevaliers Impériaux. McNeill nous offre par la même occasion une superbe et convaincante féminisation de l'univers Warhammer 40 000 tout en faisant briller ces m...

Torias Telion : The Eye of Vengeance

As the daemon lord M’Kar and his forces assault Ultramar itself, the warriors of the Ultramarines muster for war. As the Third Company prepare to take the battle to the enemy, a threat is revealed upon Macragge itself and only the renowned sniper Torias Telion can stop the devastation that will ensue if the foe’s plan comes to fruition.

Comme toujours, pas de note pour les eshorts mais il faut reconnaitre qu'en quelques pages Torias Talion:The Eye of Vengeance offre du fluff de Space Marine, de l'action et surtout... donne envie d'en lire plus ! Le Challenge est remporté Monsieur McNeill !

Thief of Revelations

Audio Drama : 30 min
The Thousand Sons – a Legion whose destiny was irrevocably altered at Prospero, and yet who now seem to dance only to fate’s tune. Ahzek Ahriman and Magnus the Red cast their psychic sight over the galaxy, seeking any clue as to what the future might hold and where their true allegiance should ultimately be placed.

Interlude non dissimulée pour le futur The Crimson King, Thief of Revelations nous gratifie d'un excellent travail qui mélange savamment ambiance sonore intelligente et récit captivant. Le point de départ d'un nouveau fluff.

Lucius : The Eternal Blade

Audio Drama : 10 min
Renowned as one of the finest duelists the galaxy has ever known, Lucius seeks ever greater challenges against which to test himself. After the Emperor's Children Legion scattered in the wake of their primarch's apotheosis on Iydris, he finds his way into the domain of a similarly legendary swordsman — Sanakht of the Thousand Sons. But which of these infamous warriors carries the greater favour amongst their new masters?

Un Audio Drama très agréable qui, en peu de temps, nous offre un duel très ambiancé, des indices sur les prochaines rencontres et un twist final pour clore le tout.

Imperial Truth

The Emperor decreed long ago that there were no gods upon the Earth or in the sky, and that all of mankind's belief and aspirations should be poured into His vision for the galaxy instead. Upon such unshakeable foundations was the Imperium to be built — except that the Imperial Truth was a lie, and the powers that the Emperor denied had already sunken their claws into many of his sons. With the treachery of Horus now known from the Eastern Fringe to holy Terra itself, how many more of his father's words will be proven false in the days to come?

Malgré d'assez bonnes nouvelles dans l'ensemble, il sera difficile de ne pas comparer ce recueil aux autres. Moins épique et moins varié il sera difficile de le conseiller malgré ses bonnes idées.