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Nouvelles - John French

Ahriman : Hounds of Wrath

The starship Fall of Ignorance, a vessel of the sorcerer Ahriman's fleet, is dead, its remains spinning in the void. Ctesias and Sanakht, servants of the Thousand Sons Exile, are sent to discover the cause of its destruction. On board they find a crew ravaged by monstrous daemonic hounds – the Blood God's hunters. Pursued and injured, can Ctesias survive the attention of the Hounds of Wrath?

Ordo Sinister

The webway – a bizarre alien landscape created by the eldar in ages long past; a network of otherworldly tunnels that burrow through time and space. When the wards protecting the webway are accidentally breached by the primarch Magnus, hordes of daemons are able to exploit this weakness to attack the heart of Terra directly. While the Emperor himself tries to hold the wards in place, a desperate battle takes place in the webway itself – a battle that requires very special combatants – among them the Psi-Titan Borealis Thoon.

Tallarn : Siren

In the immediate aftermath of the Iron Warriors' attack, the loyalist forces on Tallarn mount a desperate mission to locate the last surviving astropath on the planet, so that they can send a distress call to the rest of the Imperium.

Tallarn : Witness

After a somewhat unexpected Imperial victory against the Iron Warriors upon the dead wastes of Tallarn, the world’s new governor-militant Susada Syn takes to the battlefield. With the wreckage of a million tanks and war machines spread across the planetary surface, Syn and his allies in the Space Marine Legions and Imperial Army survey the carnage, and consider the price that they have paid in blood.

Avec la grande qualité du contenu lié à Tallarn, il restera surprenant que John French n'en ait jamais fait un roman, cependant cette construction permit une bonne variété de formats, parfois au détriment d'un tout plus cohérent. Tallarn : Witness viendra donc mettre un point à cet a...

Black Oculus

After Fulgrim’s ascension to daemonhood at Iydris, Perturabo and his Legion were trapped by the singularity at the heart of the so-called ‘Eye of Terror’. Their only option? To thread the needle, and dive into the heart of the black hole. Perhaps by sheer blind luck, they were transported far across the warp to the Tallarn System – but the Navigators in service to the Iron Warriors fleet were irreversibly corrupted by that harrowing experience. Now they serve a new purpose, and Perturabo’s plans for revenge come closer to fruition.

Black Oculus est à la fois une suite, un prologue et une transition, vous faisant naviguer dans l'Oeil de la Terreur avant de vous mener sur Tallarn dans des circonstances bien étranges. Vous en voulez encore ? Moi aussi.

Child of Night

In the dark hive sumps beneath Terra, Chief Librarian Fel Zharost of the Night Lords Legion is being hunted. Having abandoned his insane primarch and brothers many years ago, he doesn’t know what he’s done wrong, but he’s sure he doesn’t want to be captured. What will happen when he discovers that his Legion has fallen into heresy? And where will his loyalties lie?

Les Night Lords ont encore beaucoup de potentiel et la perversion dans laquelle est tombée la légion a indéniablement inspiré John French dans cette superbe performance.

Ahriman : The Dead Oracle

Ctesias, an ancient Space Marine and former prisoner of Amon of the Thousand Sons, tells the tale of one of the events that led him to his destiny. After Amon’s demise, Ctesias comes into the service of Ahriman, the exiled First Captain of the broken Legion, and is given power undreamed of – and drawn into a plot involving the otherworldly daemons of the warp, the machinations of Ahriman and the mysterious dead oracle.

Avec The Dead Oracle, John French parvient avec brio à nous offrir un interlude au prochain tome de la Saga d'Ahriman grâce à l'apparition d'un nouveau personnage dont le rôle s’avèrera essentiel pour la suite. Sans trop en dévoiler, l'auteur nous gratifie en plus d'u...


As one of the vaunted Crusader Host, Brother Crius stood as the representative of the X Legion upon the soil of Holy Terra, but when he learns of the death of his beloved primarch Ferrus Manus at the hands of the traitors, his stoic, mechanical grief imbues him with the strength and resolve to undertake a special mission on behalf of Rogal Dorn himself. Striking out into the stars, he searches for any signs of his lost Iron Hands brethren, hoping to bring them back to Terra to aid in the final defence of the Palace. The question remains – just who has survived the slaughter on Isstvan V, an...

Une nouvelle qui vaut son pesant en acier trempé. Dispensable mais excellente. Un délice pour un fan Iron Hand.


In the long war against the forces of Chaos on an Imperial world, an agent of the Inquisition must be extracted from enemy territory with vital information: the identity of a traitor within the Imperial ranks, an insidious infiltrator of the Alpha Legion. As he flees from those who would keep his secret to themselves, the agent little realises that the greatest danger may be ahead of him.

Hunted est une excellente nouvelle réunissant tout ce qu'il faut pour surprendre. Elle présage d'un certain potentiel de l'auteur d'Ahriman Exile.