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Audio Drama - Nick Kyme


Audio Drama : 75 min
Though the Word Bearers’ attack on Calth and the subsequent Shadow Crusade into Ultramar are but a memory, the borders of Imperium Secundus are far from secure. Sergeant Aeonid Thiel, stranded on the garrison world of Oran on his way back to Macragge, frustrates his superiors once again by pointing out the holes in their defence – traitor warband activity is increasing, and a series of key listening posts have fallen silent. Leading a handful of rogue veterans and wearing the red mark of censure like a badge of honour, can Thiel uncover the truth behind the mysterious ‘Nightfane’?

Red-Marked ne pourra être qu'un bonus au vu de ce qu'il raconte et même si l'histoire fera un grand pas en arrière, son écoute resta une bonne expérience pour moi. Avec les dernières pratiques de la Black Library, nous retrouverons surement cet audio drama en script dans un recu...


Audio Drama : 21 min
After returning from Calth and the Underworld War, Sergeant Aeonid Thiel is summoned before his primarch Roboute Guilliman. The fragile peace of Imperium Secundus is threatened by traitor warbands left behind by the Shadow Crusade, and a new order of battle must be written.

Stratagem poursuit l'histoire de Thiel de manière intelligente en y ajoutant en plus une base fluff, s'ancrant parfaitement dans l'arc d'Imperium Secundus avec cette histoire ayant vraiment sa place.

Veil of Darkness

Audio Drama : 75min
++‘Life signs stable.’ ‘He looks… troubled.’ ‘Many going through sus-an membrane coma experience discomfort as part of the revivification process.’ ‘Do you think he’s reliving what happened to him on Damnos?’ ‘Perhaps, it would be his last memory before slipping into a coma.’ ‘I cannot imagine that would be a pleasant experience. That thing very nearly cut him in half.’ ‘He endures, and will rise again.’ ‘You’re confident about that?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘And what about the state of his mind? Will that be intact?’ ‘I… cannot answer.’++.


Audio Drama : 75min
In the depths of Calth’s arcology network, the Underworld War has raged for years. Aeonid Thiel, previously an honoured sergeant of the Ultramarines, once again finds himself in trouble – pitted against the daemonic forces of the Word Bearers, he has no choice but to venture back to the ravaged surface and brave the deadly solar flares that have scoured all life from this world. With a lowly Imperial Army trooper as his only companion, it falls to him to drive the maniacal Dark Apostle Kurtha Sedd and his warband from the overrun XIII Legion stronghold.

Censure est un bon audio drama mais qui n'a malheureusement plus rien à nous offrir après toutes les histoires secondaires de Calth sorties à ce jour. Dommage car Nick Kyme poursuivait l'histoire de Thiel d'une jolie manière.


Audio Drama : 70 min
Under siege from Chaos Space Marines of the Emperor’s Children, survival for the world of Vardask looks bleak. Matters worsen with the arrival of the World Eaters of Khorne, but when the Champions of Slaanesh are slowly murdered in mysterious circumstances the enmity of the rival warbands threatens to turn them on one another on a scale not seen since the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. Are there no depths to which the scions of Fulgrim will not stop in pursuit of true perfection?

Une trame forte, un audio pas trop long, des personnages détaillés en peu de temps, une intrigue et un dénouement qui donnent des frissons, un soupçon de folie et de désespoir, voici un audio qui correspond aux valeurs des spaces marines du chaos, ça tombe bien, c’est ce qu’on attendait.


Audio Drama : 70 min
The world of Sepulchre IV stands on the brink of destruction. From the stars the Red Rage decends, intent on murder and massacre. Into the fray are thrust the Firedrakes, peerless champions of the Salamanders. Their mission: retrieve the 'holy relic' of Sepulchre and prevent it falling to the enemy. Tsu'gan, latest recruit to the vaunted order, must learn to temper his inner anger if he is to succeed in the First Company. Facing an indestructible foe, the Firedrakes will be tested as never before. Victory is possible against the Red Rage, but only if Tsu'gan can master his wrath and even th...

Fireborn est un audio comme je les aime, efficace et long, avec des affrontements bien soutenus par l’ambiance générale et accompagné d’un petit twist ending qui le rend plus original que les autres. Un must have pour les fans des Salamanders. On regrettera la difficulté de compréhension malgr...

Vulkan's Shield

Audio Drama : 10 min
Above a war torn battlefield on a distant world, Ko'tan Kadai and his Salamanders are on a mission of mercy. As the city burns, the Fireborn rescue a band of beleaguered civilians and learns what it means to be Vulkan's Shield.

Rapide et efficace Vulkan's shield est une introduction à la Saga du Tome du Feu ainsi que du Chapitre si particulier des Salamanders.