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L'Hérésie d'Horus

Blackshields : The Red Fief

As the forces of the Warmaster close in on Terra, Endryd Haar leads his warband of renegade Blackshields into battle once more. With his forces battered in the wake of their raid on Xana, Haar finds himself in desperate need of warriors. Answering a distress call from an old friend, Haar seeks out the tithe-world of Duat, intent on plunder. But when he discovers what is hidden there, Haar is faced with a decision that will determine his fate – and perhaps that of Terra itself.

Le Fléau du Loup

Le Wyrd en est jeté
Leman Russ voit venir le moment de respecter son serment : arrêter le Maître de Guerre Horus avant qu’il n’atteigne le Segmentum Solar. Malgré l'avis de trois de ses frères Primarques, il rassemble sa légion de Space Wolves et part en toute hâte vers la position des forces du Maître de Guerre. Les rapports des agents de Malcador le Sigillite suggèrent qu’Horus a changé, qu'il est imprégné d’un pouvoir si diabolique que nul mortel ne peut plus s’opposer à lui… Un guerrier de Fenris ne saurait pourtant renier ses serments. Face à un Horus immunisé aux armes des mortels, le Seigneur de l’Hiver...

Blood Games

Amon Tauromachian, one of the Emperor’s elite Custodian Guard, returns to the Imperial Palace after a year on one of the Blood Games by which these exalted heroes train. Tasked with a new mission, he is sent to the hives of Hy Brasil to check on the loyalty of a notorious troublemaker. With the galaxy at war and half the Imperium’s armies in rebellion, any hint of heresy on the Throneworld must be stamped out. Amon’s mission draws him into a web of deceit and betrayal, where no one can be trusted and nothing is at it seems. Can he unravel the truth and secure Terra for the Emperor?

Le Fardeau de la Loyauté

Pendant que les ténèbres de la guerre engloutissent lentement la galaxie, les fidèles serviteurs du Trône doivent lutter pour survivre comme pour perpétuer tout ce qui leur est cher. La flotte du Maître de Guerre menace de plus en plus Terra, aussi incombera-t-il à ces héros de faire face, mais leurs ennemis sont puissants et le fardeau de la loyauté pèse d'autant plus…

The Last Son of Prospero

Only the Sigillite can save Revuel Arvida's Body, and only his Primarch can save his soul
The Thousand Sons sorcerer Revuel Arvida guided his White Scars kinsmen through all the horrors of the ruinstorm, even though the psychic exertion almost killed him. Now on Terra, he clings to life by the merest thread, his body ravaged by the curse of his Legion — the insidious flesh-change. The primarch Jaghatai Khan demands that Arvida be saved, no matter the cost. But even if such a thing were possible, what would remain of his mind and soul?


Audio Drama : 15 min
Though he knows such beliefs are forbidden, Vice-Caesari Marcus Valerius of the Therion Cohort is willing to lay down his life in service to the immortal God-Emperor, for the good of all mankind. Sent by Corax to the great slaughter at Beta-Garmon, every last one of the Imperial Army soldiers under his command knows that the end is nigh — but can Valerius' holy visions guide them to one final victory over the hordes of the hated Arch-traitor?

The Painted Count

Following the disastrous invasion of Sotha and the dimming of the Pharos' light, Gendor Skraivok languishes on board the VIII Legion flagship Nightfall. Distrusted by his allies and despised by his rivals, he nonetheless means to claw back leadership of the Night Lords from the pretender Captain Shang, by fair means or foul. And, rather than a portent of doom, the daemonic blade that seems to have chosen him as its bearer may be the answer…