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Audio Drama - Garde Impériale

Iron Devil

The last survivors of their company, the battered remnants of the Cadian 267th trek across the deadly toxic deserts of Sanzu in search of salvation. Taking shelter in a damaged Adeptus Mechanicus facility, they think they have found a place to await reinforcements – but something lurks in the darkness, something large and dangerous and determined to kill every last Imperial Guardsman. The Morkanaut awaits…


Audio Drama : 70 min
Under siege from Chaos Space Marines of the Emperor’s Children, survival for the world of Vardask looks bleak. Matters worsen with the arrival of the World Eaters of Khorne, but when the Champions of Slaanesh are slowly murdered in mysterious circumstances the enmity of the rival warbands threatens to turn them on one another on a scale not seen since the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. Are there no depths to which the scions of Fulgrim will not stop in pursuit of true perfection?

Une trame forte, un audio pas trop long, des personnages détaillés en peu de temps, une intrigue et un dénouement qui donnent des frissons, un soupçon de folie et de désespoir, voici un audio qui correspond aux valeurs des spaces marines du chaos, ça tombe bien, c’est ce qu’on attendait.

Waiting Death

Audio Drama : 70 min
A legend amongst his own Catachan regiment, Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken is the embodiment of the Imperial Guard hero, so much so that he literally puts his body on the line in the name of the Emperor every time he goes into battle. Borealis Four has fallen under the sway of an insidious Chaos cult and its dense jungle terrain makes it the ideal battlefield for Straken and his platoon. After a particularly fierce firefight, the Catachans find themselves cut off from the rest of the Imperium forces and must seek refuge in a native village. Before long, troopers being to hallucinate and warp-b...

Un Audio captivant à l'ambiance jungle Catachan unique et porté par un Colonel Straken bien plus intelligent qu'il n'y parait. Le tout est mené par un parfait doublage qui immergera les plus réticents.

Throne of Lies

Audio Drama : 70 min
The Night Lords are among the most feared Chaos Space Marines in the universe.They prey on their victims from the shadows, stalking the faithful of the FalseImperium in their ultimate quest to destroy the Emperor. The warband of the Exalted, travelling aboard The Covenant of Blood, are recovering from the events at Crythe Primus. But their dark crusade against the loyal Imperial forces continues, and they will leave a trail of blood and terror behind them.

Un audio agréable à l'écoute, qui n'a rien d'indispensable mais qui offre une anecdote intéressante entre deux romans. Quelques pistes nécessitant d'être creusées sont ouvertes, une révélation finale tout de même conséquente.