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Nouvelles - Garde Impériale


As they travel between warzones, veterans of the Tanith First and Only gather to tell tales and remember victories past. When it comes to Scout Sergeant Mkoll, his story, reluctantly told, is of a mist-shrouded battlefield in the night and a dangerous presence that lurked in the darkness, preying on the soldiers of the regiment. But just what horror could haunt the Ghosts?

Straken : A Hero's Death

Deployed to the jungles of Armageddon to battle the greenskins, Catachan Colonel “Iron Hand” Straken and his men are diverted from their hunt to delve into a half-abandoned hive city and rescue a high-ranking officer – but when they arrive, they find that the situation is more complicated than they imagined, and face an overwhelming force of enemies…

Yarrick : Sarcophagus

Trapped in an overturned tank after being caught in a bombing run on Armageddon, Commissar Sebastian Yarrick fights to escape and return to his forces, but as he emerges, he finds himself surrounded by greenskin foes. Can the Old Man of Armageddon survive the onslaught with power claw and Evil Eye, or will he finally fall to the servants of the Great Beast Ghazghkull Thraka?


The soldiers of the Astra Militarum struggle to establish a beachhead against an overwhelming force of orks on the war-torn world of Armageddon. Outnumbered and outmatched, victory looks unlikely, until a single warrior arrives, a Lone Wolf, last survivor of his pack and a mighty hero whose actions may just turn the tide in the Imperium’s favour.

Unbroken réussit en une vingtaine de pages à nous remplir de courage (ou de folie) pour aller foncer sur les terres dévastées d'Armageddon contre une marée de peaux-vertes. Un pur récit de Space Marine, et plus particulièrement de Space Wolf à se raconter au coin du feu avec sa meute.

Yarrick : The Gallows Saint

Fresh from his victory against traitors on Mistral, Commissar Yarrick deploys to Abydos to watch a great triumph in honour of the forces who liberated the world from the grip of the alien tau. But when the planet’s governor is assassinated, Yarrick is drawn into a political game with deadly consequences for himself, his Steel Legion troops and Abydos itself. Can he unravel the mystery and reveal the true traitors on the world before it is too late?

Yarrick : A Plague of Saints

Heresy in a hive city has brought Commissar Sebastian Yarrick and the 252nd Armageddon Steel Legion to the barren world of Molossus. With the inquisition at his back and a ragged force of rebels before him, Yarrick must discover the cause of the uprising and bring it to an end. Venturing into the hive’s lower levels, Yarrick and the soldiers of the Astra Militarum discover a deadly horror in the shadows.

Nouvelle agréable qui se lit très vite avec un bel hommage aux films de zombies que j'ai particulièrement apprécié. A Plague of Saints est un bel interlude entre Imperial Creed et le prochain opus. On en redemande!

The Apex

The alien menace of the tyranids sweeps across Signis VII and only the brave men and women of the Imperial Guard stand in the way of the Great Devourer. The Catachan Second, under the command of the infamous Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken, are sent into the heart of the monstrous enemy to recover a vital asset. Surrounded by deadly aliens and rescuing someone who wants to stay where he is, Straken’s mission seems doomed to failure…

The Apex est une nouvelle qui remplit parfaitement son rôle en nous offrant en peu de temps du Catachan et du Straken bien viril ainsi qu'une superbe ambiance de jungle infestée de tyranides. Straken contre Prédator.

In Memoriam

Jeshua Thoru, commémorateur, explore les ruines de la cité-ruche de Vervun à la recherche d'inspiration pour sa prochaine oeuvre. Accompagné par un groupe de Fantômes, il aura un authentique avant-goût de ce à quoi sont chaque jour confrontés les soldats de l'Impérium.

Même le fan de la série sera déçu par cette nouvelle qui n’offre ni surprise ni excitation. L’impression d’une nouvelle écrite pour meubler et faire de l’inédit est trop présente, et surtout désagréable.

Vermilion Level

As Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt and his men – the Tanith First and Only – travel to a new war zone, Gaunt is drawn in to a mysterious conspiracy that could imperil the lives of all his men. Can he decipher the Vermilion level message that will reveal the truth before all is lost?

Cette nouvelle ressortie des archives propose un scénario alternatif au début des aventures des fantômes, pas de grand bouleversement, mais un bon flash back pour ceux qui comme moi ont lus Premier & Unique il y a un moment.

A Ghost Return

Long before the destruction of Tanith and the rise of its Ghosts, Commissar Ibram Gaunt serves with the Hyrkan regiments on the front lines of the newly-launched Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Descending beneath Sangrel Hive in search of an ancient shrine to Saint Sabbat herself, Gaunt and his men encounter something altogether more sinister.

J’ai aimé et honnêtement je n’en attendais pas plus, le format ne le permettant pas. Dan Abnett montre néanmoins qu’il parvient toujours à nous surprendre avec ses fantômes.