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In the mysterious city of Queen Mab, the forces of light and darkness are locked in a murderous struggle for truth. The dedicated agents of the Holy Inquisition battle with their shadowy counterparts, the infamous Cognitae, to discover the encrypted identity of the enigmatic, all-powerful King in Yellow.

The Magos

Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn has spent his life stalking the darkest and most dangerous limits of the Imperium in pursuit of heresy and Chaos. But how long can a man walk that path without succumbing to the lure of the Warp? Is Eisenhorn still a champion of the Throne, or has he been seduced by the very evil that he hunts?.

The Keeler Image

In the 41st millennium, the past can be even more deadly than the present. The Horus Heresy may have happened ten thousand years ago, but the dark shadows of its history can never be fully excised. Inquisitor Eisenhorn travels to the world of Pallik, where, it is rumoured, a rare and ancient artefact from those terrible times has been put on sale. Eisenhorn and his team are plunged into a deadly game of cross and double-cross in a brand new story by the master of action-adventure fiction.

The Keeler Image est une nouvelle que nous n'attentions pas mais qui ravira les fans de la première heure. Cependant elle aura un intérêt très limité pour les hérétiques fuyant comme la peste le contenu sur l'Inquisition. À vous de choisir, pour ma part Eisenhorn aura toujours mon aveug...

Truth is my Weapon

In a deep, dark cell beneath an Inquisitorial fortress sits a most singular prisoner. Tasked with the interrogation of this heretic, Wodin Grime, acolyte of the great Inquisitor Neit, sets about his task with zeal and vigour. But as he speaks with the traitor, doubts begin to settle in Grime’s mind, about himself, the prisoner and, worst of all, the loyalty of his master. But can the interrogator really trust the Space Marine who calls himself Alpharius?.

Mêler le contexte de l'Inquisition avec l'Alpha légion n'est pas toujours gage de réussite, espérons que Justin D. Hill l'ait bien compris. Néanmoins cette courte nouvelle est un très bon moyen de se mettre à la VO, le vocabulaire étant très accessible.

Blood in the Machine

Audio Drama : 72 min
++Today, I will teach your kind the meaning of wrath. I will kill.

Blood in the Machine était prometteur avec son ambiance sonore de qualité et ses personnages vivants. Malheureusement l’impression de ne m’avoir servi qu’un prétexte à faire des références aux fans avec cette histoire sans fin, m’a plus que déçu.


In the long war against the forces of Chaos on an Imperial world, an agent of the Inquisition must be extracted from enemy territory with vital information: the identity of a traitor within the Imperial ranks, an insidious infiltrator of the Alpha Legion. As he flees from those who would keep his secret to themselves, the agent little realises that the greatest danger may be ahead of him.

Hunted est une excellente nouvelle réunissant tout ce qu'il faut pour surprendre. Elle présage d'un certain potentiel de l'auteur d'Ahriman Exile.

The Strange Demise of Titus Endor

Former contemporary of the legendary Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn, Titus Endor always thought he was destined for greatness. However, after a bout of unfortunate events and even more unfortunate decisions, Titus finds himself at the backwater edge of the galaxy, tracking an elusive heretic that will bring about his strange demise, a very strange demise indeed.

Dan Abnett nous a définitivement offert un spin off de très haute volée en nous contant l’étrange disparition de Titus Endor, une nouvelle où lire entre les lignes peut s'avérer gagnant.