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Audio Drama

Ahriman : The First Prince

When his servant Ctesias meets his end, the Thousand Sons arch-sorcerer Ahriman is thrust into a deadly conflict with a creature of darkness, a being from the beginning of time whose cunning and thirst for power are the equal of his own – the first daemon prince of Chaos, the dreaded Be’lakor. As the daemon taunts Ahriman with the very secrets of creation, the sorcerer tries to bargain with the beast for Ctesias’s life… but can a deal with a daemon ever be honoured?

Parting of the Ways

On a distant world, Bjorn, Great Wolf and successor of the primarch Leman Russ himself, falls in battle, his body irreparably broken after a great victory over a daemonic foe. As his life ebbs away and the priests try to save him by any means necessary, the Great Wolf remembers the primarch’s departure and his ascension to his role.

Époustouflant est le mot qui me vient à l'esprit pour parler de cet audio drama. De la technique au fluff, tout semble se marier à merveille pour nous conter la vie de Bjorn à différents moments alors qu'il se voit confronté à des choix ainsi que des difficultés affectant la légion enti...

Master of the First

Audio Drama : 36 min
The Dark Angels and the Night Lords fought one another to a bloody stalemate during the Thramas Crusade and, though the Lion eventually claimed victory, it left the First Legion scattered and under-strength. Back on Caliban, those Dark Angels loyal to Terra grow impatient for a return to past glories, nominating Chapter Master Astelan as their leader – meanwhile Jago Sevatarion, First Captain of the Night Lords, still languishes in a dismal gaol cell. Both must consider where their own personal loyalties lie, and what path they will take in the days to come.

Master of the First est juste un de ces audio qui ne fait que s'ajouter à une liste déjà longue. Je ne peux que vous conseiller d’ignorer cette nouvelle tentative de rendre honneur aux Dark Angels puisque le traitement qui leur est fourni n'est pas au niveau de plusieurs années d'a...

The Glorious Tomb

Durée : 42min
In the skies above Armageddon, the Black Templars prepare for war, and the Ancients are awakened. Brother Adelard, interred in the Dreadnought Invictus Potens is given the honour of spearheading an assault on an ork-held facility. As he leads his brothers to war, Adelard faces the prospect of a second death in service to the God-Emperor.

Avec The Glorious Tomb, Guy Haley scelle son pacte avec les Black Templars en nous offrant un audio d'une rare intensité. La qualité sonore est un véritable plongeon qui aboutira à une émotion indéniable de l'auditoire. Praise be !

Sanctus Reach : Klaw of Mork

Durée : 37min
The Red Waaagh! has fallen on Alaric Prime and the mekboys are working on Big Mek Mogrok’s cunning and brutal plan – to pull a comet from space with the massive and dangerous ‘Klaw of Mork’ and bring it down on the heads of the world’s human defenders. But when the humans fight back, Uggrim and Snikgob, two mekboys of the Red Suns tribe, see a chance to finish a conflict with an old rival and take advantage of the human attack to exact revenge... even at the cost of the Klaw of Mork.

Klaw of Mork nous plonge dans les méandres aussi chaotiques qu'inattendus des peaux vertes. Vous suivrez les péripéties d'orks hilarants, fidèles à l'univers et diablement crédibles. Tout ce dont on pourrait rêver, un incontournable pour les amateurs du genre.

Iron Devil

The last survivors of their company, the battered remnants of the Cadian 267th trek across the deadly toxic deserts of Sanzu in search of salvation. Taking shelter in a damaged Adeptus Mechanicus facility, they think they have found a place to await reinforcements – but something lurks in the darkness, something large and dangerous and determined to kill every last Imperial Guardsman. The Morkanaut awaits…


Audio Drama : 65min
On the doorstep of Holy Terra, the shadow of treachery still lurks. Upon a comet-shrine dedicated to the glory of Unity, a group of heretic Word Bearers prepare to return to the Solar System after being abandoned by their brethren – only the forces commanded by Sigismund, First Captain of the Imperial Fists, stand between the traitors and their goal. But will the legendary Templar’s skill at arms be enough to prevail over this new enemy, or will the doubt in his heart prove ultimately to be his undoing?

Un audio d'une rare qualité, d'une construction bien pensée pour ce format dont l'action omniprésente restera toujours bien rythmée. Avec Templar, vous apprendrez la réelle signification du titre de Champion et découvrirez l’allégorie même de l'univers médiéval-futuriste de Wa...