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Nouvelles - L'Hérésie d'Horus


Chagrined by his defeat at the hands of Jaghatai Khan, Mortarion abandons the pursuit of the White Scars and instead leads the Death Guard in a spiteful, punitive rampage across the systems of the Prosperine empire. World after world has fallen to this horrific onslaught, and yet the insular and secretive primarch seems preoccupied by some other, unspoken goal. Finally, on Terathalion, the truth of Mortarion’s sinister heritage will be exposed, and the future of the XIV Legion will be written.

Avec Daemonology, nous sommes au top départ de la prochaine et inévitable chute du primarque Mortarion ainsi que de la Death Guard. La nouvelle se divise très bien en deux époques et le récit épique, bien que fugace, en fait une sublime introduction à un prochain tome centré sur la XIVème.

Child of Night

In the dark hive sumps beneath Terra, Chief Librarian Fel Zharost of the Night Lords Legion is being hunted. Having abandoned his insane primarch and brothers many years ago, he doesn’t know what he’s done wrong, but he’s sure he doesn’t want to be captured. What will happen when he discovers that his Legion has fallen into heresy? And where will his loyalties lie?

Les Night Lords ont encore beaucoup de potentiel et la perversion dans laquelle est tombée la légion a indéniablement inspiré John French dans cette superbe performance.

The Devine Adoratrice

Decades before Horus’s civil war sunders the Imperium, Raeven Devine, ruler-in-waiting of the world of Molech, prepares for his Becoming, the rite that will elevate him to the rank of Knight and bond him with the mighty war machine that will be his steed for years to come. But traitors within the Sacristans have other ideas and a shocking act of betrayal sets the stage for one of the bloodiest battles of the Horus Heresy…

The Devine Adoratrice est une nouvelle superbement narrée, nous mettant dans une ambiance malsaine, au bord de la corruption, sur le monde de Molech parmi les Chevaliers Impériaux de la Maison Devine. On aura droit à plusieurs retournements de situation et une narration très immersive pour un tel...

The Wolf of Ash and Fire

Horus Lupercal, ever the favoured son of the Emperor of Mankind, stands ready to lead his Legion against the ork-held planetoid of Gorro. After nearly two centuries of warfare in the name of the Great Crusade, the many victories of the Luna Wolves have become the stuff of legend – still, nothing could prepare them for the singular honour of fighting alongside the Emperor himself once more.

Horus Lupercal en fils prodigue et l'Empereur, père de l'humanité, réunis en une courte mais épique fresque, et finement narrée par un Graham en forme. Une superbe balade qui se dévore et se savoure.

Luna Mendax

Recuperating on Luna after being plucked from the blasted wastelands of Isstvan III, Gavriel Loken receives a visit from a most unexpected soul…

Bonne petite nouvelle qui nous fait saliver tout en confirmant l'attrait indéniable que génère Loken parmi l'Adeptus Astartes


As one of the vaunted Crusader Host, Brother Crius stood as the representative of the X Legion upon the soil of Holy Terra, but when he learns of the death of his beloved primarch Ferrus Manus at the hands of the traitors, his stoic, mechanical grief imbues him with the strength and resolve to undertake a special mission on behalf of Rogal Dorn himself. Striking out into the stars, he searches for any signs of his lost Iron Hands brethren, hoping to bring them back to Terra to aid in the final defence of the Palace. The question remains – just who has survived the slaughter on Isstvan V, an...

Une nouvelle qui vaut son pesant en acier trempé. Dispensable mais excellente. Un délice pour un fan Iron Hand.

The Kaban Project

The Mechanicum priesthood guards its secrets carefully — few of its technological marvels and processes are fully understood by the Imperium, and many more could be deadly if allowed to fall into the wrong hands. However, in the forges of Lukas Chrom, something sinister has come into being. Rumours abound of forbidden lore and artificial sentience, and a name has been whispered in the dark corners of the Martian data network: 'Kaban'.

The Kaban Project est à lire juste avant Mechanicum de l’Hérésie d’Horus. Ce récit est court mais bien rempli, avec de l’investigation, de l’action et même un peu de fluff. Vraiment agréable à lire.

Death of a Silversmith

In what should have been the pinnacle of his career, a lone remembrancer meets an unfortunate end at the hands of the Luna Wolves. So close to the heart of the Warmaster’s emerging powerbase, were the signs of Horus’s fall apparent from the beginning, yet heeded by no one?

The Divine Word

Despite being prohibited by the Imperial Truth, the religious text known as the ‘Lectitio Divinitatus’ has gathered many believers from across the galaxy. Fighting alongside the Raven Guard Legion, Marcus Valerius of the Therion Cohort has long scorned those who seek to deify the Emperor, but a flash of inspiration leads him to question whether or not there are greater forces at work in the universe.

Avec cette nouvelle Gav Thorpe ne divertit même pas son monde et étouffe son récit sous des interrogations stratégiques qui auraient eu plus de sens si elles avaient été discutées avec Corax en personne. L'idée semblait bonne sur le papier, mais est clairement sous-exploitée ici.

Lost Sons

The Blood Angels were lured into a trap at Signus Prime by the most vile treachery imaginable, but not all of them went with Sanguinius on that fateful journey. Keeping the home fires burning on Baal, the remaining honour guard are brought news of their primarch’s death and must decide upon the final course for their Legion themselves.

James Swallow vous garanti un excellent moment de lecture et surprend de bout en bout avec son histoire aux enjeux sans pareil.