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Adeptus Astartes

Vulkan : Lord of Drakes

As the Emperor marshals his armies to reclaim the galaxy for the glory of mankind, one by one his Space Marine Legions are reunited with their missing primarchs. The XVIII Legion are still waiting to find their true identity, unaware their own lord has been found. In the Taras Division, legionaries face annihilation as they take a last, desperate stand against a monstrous ork invasion. Meanwhile, on Nocturne, Vulkan has raised and trained a new force of warriors. Now it is the time for him to lead his sons into battle. Now it is the time for him to truly don the mantle of primarch, not only...

Jaghatai Khan : Warhawk of Chogoris

Ever since the Imperium's rediscovery of the world of Chogoris, the White Scars' culture of warrior mysticism has sat uneasily with the ideals of Unity. As the Great Crusade burns across the stars, their enigmatic primarch Jaghatai Khan fights to preserve his Legion's distinctiveness amid a galaxy where cold rationality holds sway. Despite his self-imposed isolation, others in the brotherhood of primarchs seek to draw him into the greatest ideological battle of them all: the place of psychic power within the Legions. As the Librarius project is born, and opposition to it grows, the Khan mus...

Born of Flame

The Hammer and the Anvil
Born of the fiery world of Nocturne, the Salamanders believe in self sacrifice and the sanctity of human life. Their father Vulkan was raised on this world, a blacksmith's son from humble origins who became a primarch of the Emperor of Mankind and forged his sons into a Legion. Their saga is one of heroism, betrayal, tragedy and rebirth. They have returned from the edge of extinction more than once, forever embattled, never bowed, the Legion and their primarch the epitome of defiance in the face of adversity. Unto the anvil, born of flame.


The wyrd spear cast
The time has come for Leman Russ, primarch of the Space Wolves, to fulfil his vow and attempt to stop Warmaster Horus before he breaks through to the Segmentum Solar. In the face of opposition from three of his brother primarchs, Russ withdraws the Space Wolves legion from Terra and makes all haste for Horus’s position. Reports from Malcador the Sigillite’s agents suggest that Horus is utterly changed, and infused with a diabolical power so great that no man can stand against him. A warrior of Fenris would never willingly abandon his oaths, but with Horus beyond the touch of mortal blades, ...

Ferrus Manus : La Gorgone de Medusa

La galaxie connaît des heures sombres. Cadia est tombée sous l'assaut en masse du Chaos. Une Grande Faille sur le warp s'est ouverte et de là se déversent les démons et les horreurs de la Vieille Nuit. Mais tout espoir n'est pas perdu... Un héros revient après une longue absence. Roboute Guilliman, dernier des primarques encore loyaux, est sorti de sa stase millénaire pour guider l'Imperium hors des ténèbres, lançant une croisade telle qu'on n'en avait plus vue depuis l'époque de l'Empereur. Mais les forces de la ruine ne s'étaient jamais amassées en si grand nombre. Les effroyables Astres ...

The Burden of Loyalty

As the darkness of mankind's internecine war slowly consumes the galaxy, those who still serve the Throne are forced to fight for both their own survival and the continued existence of everything they hold dear. With the threat of the Warmaster Horus' fleet looming ever closer to Terra, if will fall to such heroes to halt the tide, but the enemies arrayed against them are powerful and the burden of loyalty is great.

Fulgrim : Le Phœnix Palatin

Seigneur de Chemos et porteur de l'Aquila Palatin, Fulgrim, primarch des Emperor’s Children, est bien décidé à se donner la place qu'il mérite dans la Grande Croisade, quel qu'en soit le prix. Bretteur sans égal, le Phénicien a longuement étudié l'art de la guerre et il est impatient d'éprouver ses talents ainsi que ceux de ses fidèles. Accompagné de seulement sept de ses meilleurs guerriers, il tente de mettre au pas un monde rebelle par tous les moyens nécessaires. Or, Fulgrim apprend bientôt qu'aucune victoire n'est offerte, et que plus grand est le triomphe, plus grand est le prix….