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Audio Drama - Chaos

Fabius Bile : Repairer of Ruin

Lupercalia burns, the might of the Traitor Legions reducing the last redoubt of the Sons of Horus to rubble. And through the ruins strides Apothecary Fabius of the Emperor’s Children, with an army of vile genetic experiments. But what does the twisted Apothecary want in the temple to the fallen primarch Horus? And will he find it?.

L'audio Fabius Bile : Repairer of Ruin n'aurait même pas été une publicité mensongère avec un sous-titre comme "Bienvenue en enfer" tellement l'horreur qu'il nous décrit est surréelle. Cet audio drama sera une très bonne surprise pour qui voudra bien prendre le risqu...

At Slaugther's End

In the aftermath of battle, Flesh Tearers Chapter Master Amit picks his way across the blasted landscape and is drawn into single combat with a survivor of the enemy force, a berserker dedicated to the Blood God. As they fight, Amit begins to realise that at slaughter’s end, he and the servant of Khorne are not so dissimilar….

Avec une écriture simple mais percutante, et un travail de son sans failles, At Slaugther's End devient une de ces expériences que l'on souhaiterait voir plus souvent de la part de la Black Library. Si vous ne vous abandonnez pas à la rage noire après un tel audio drama je ne sais pas c...

Ahriman : The First Prince

When his servant Ctesias meets his end, the Thousand Sons arch-sorcerer Ahriman is thrust into a deadly conflict with a creature of darkness, a being from the beginning of time whose cunning and thirst for power are the equal of his own – the first daemon prince of Chaos, the dreaded Be’lakor. As the daemon taunts Ahriman with the very secrets of creation, the sorcerer tries to bargain with the beast for Ctesias’s life… but can a deal with a daemon ever be honoured?.

Khârn : The Eightfold Path

Audio Drama : 10min
In the fighting pits of the Conqueror, Khârn and his fellow World Eaters compete in ever-bloodier contests of carnage and mayhem. As the Butcher’s Nails dig ever deeper into their brains, the Legion have forsaken the Crimson Path. Now they walk a darker, more dangerous road: the Eightfold Path.

En très peu de temps, l'audio lève le voile sur le cap que prend de manière irrémédiable la XIIème Légion personnifiée par l’échec de Khârn. Anthony Reynolds nous propose un audio sympathique à l'écoute, rien de plus.

Trials of Azrael

As war rages in the Pandorax system, the Imperial battleship Revenge comes under attack by the dread forces of Chaos. As warriors of the Black Legion rampage through the venerable craft, Supreme Grand Master Azrael leads the First Company of the Dark Angels — the elite Deathwing — onto the vessel to eliminate the enemy. Separated from his men, Azrael finds himself trapped in the lower decks with only a tech-priest for company and one of the galaxy's most fearsome warriors hunting him: the infamous Khârn the Betrayer.

Blood in the Machine

Audio Drama : 72 min
++Today, I will teach your kind the meaning of wrath. I will kill.

Blood in the Machine était prometteur avec son ambiance sonore de qualité et ses personnages vivants. Malheureusement l’impression de ne m’avoir servi qu’un prétexte à faire des références aux fans avec cette histoire sans fin, m’a plus que déçu.

Honour to the Dead

Audio Drama : 75min
As Calth burns, the Battle Titans of the Fire Masters legion take to the streets of the city of Ithraca, ready to massacre the fleeing civilian population in the name of their new, dark masters. But the remaining loyalist engines of the Legio Praesagius — the True Messengers — still stand ready to defend the Imperium, even in the face of almost certain death. With the nearby Ultramarines forces scattered and lost, the people of Ithraca must fend for themselves as gigantic war machines unleash apocalyptic weaponry across the ravaged skyline.

Gav Thorpe a bien compris les enjeux d'un tel audio drama et nous offre une bonne occasion de retourner sur Calth alors que la bataille est loin d'être terminée et que les titans se battent dans une lutte sans merci. L'usage de plusieurs regards sur la violence du conflit est toujo...

Chosen Of Khorne

Audio Drama : 72 min
Deep within the Eye of Terror, the followers of the blood god Khorne war amongst themselves to win their patron’s favour, and for the right to lead a new crusade against the Imperium in his name. Argus Brond, berserker champion of the old World Eaters Legion, has called upon his old comrade Kharn for assistance – surely, this legendary warrior will break the deadlock and secure victory for him? But Kharn, known with good reason as ‘the Betrayer’, is far more than just a crazed killer, and his own agenda will always come first.

Chosen of Khorne est un très bon stand-alone qui ravira non seulement les fans de Kharn mais également les personnes qui apprécient le Chaos en général, pour les autres cela reste une expérience intéressante.


Audio Drama : 70 min
Under siege from Chaos Space Marines of the Emperor’s Children, survival for the world of Vardask looks bleak. Matters worsen with the arrival of the World Eaters of Khorne, but when the Champions of Slaanesh are slowly murdered in mysterious circumstances the enmity of the rival warbands threatens to turn them on one another on a scale not seen since the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. Are there no depths to which the scions of Fulgrim will not stop in pursuit of true perfection?.

Une trame forte, un audio pas trop long, des personnages détaillés en peu de temps, une intrigue et un dénouement qui donnent des frissons, un soupçon de folie et de désespoir, voici un audio qui correspond aux valeurs des spaces marines du chaos, ça tombe bien, c’est ce qu’on attendait.

Labyrinth of Sorrow

Audio Drama : 75min
As war spreads across the sector, Imperial and Chaos forces clash on the mortuary world of Kasharat. Far from the front lines, Space Marines of the Brazen Minotaurs infiltrate an ancient temple-tomb, seeking an artefact sacred to their Chapter... one that could turn the tide of battle in the Imperium’s favour. But they are not the first to enter the tomb – as the Space Marines race to seize their prize, they are watched from the shadows. Are the mysterious Raven Guard there to help the Brazen Minotaurs, or to destroy them?.

George Mann ne va certainement pas bouleverser nos habitudes avec cet audio, mais il vous fera passer un très bon moment avec Labyrinth of Sorrow. Surement l’un des meilleurs moyen de découvrir les plaisirs de l’audio.